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Strengthening Bids With a Search Tool That Surfaces Relevant Projects

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Sifting Through Thousands of Work Samples for Every RFP

CORE Construction has provided building services across the country for more than 86 years, particularly K-12 and higher education, municipal, public safety and senior living projects. For each new project that CORE wants to pursue, the business development and marketing teams must complete a lengthy application process, known as Request For Proposal (RFP). With a collection of more than 15,000 projects from which to choose, the team needed a way to sort and sift through the portfolio for examples best suited to the specific requirements of each new pursuit.

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Surfacing Relevant Projects Through Customized Filtering

We incorporated best practices to develop an internal search tool that surfaces successful, relevant projects with the highest likelihood of impressing the client. For a quick overview, team members can click “Browse by category” to see the most popular project features that people search (such as “all elementary schools”). Then, they can filter those based on project attributes, like swimming pools.

“To best serve CORE, we interviewed their marketing teams across the nation — from Nevada and Texas to Florida and beyond. Each person shared what search features would help them better share CORE’s history of excellence.”
Lauren Silver
Lifeblue producer
CORE Construction's website shown on a monitor.


A Better Way to Showcase CORE’s Capabilities

Each project has different requirements and priorities, depending on the location and an array of other factors. Now, in just a few clicks — the business development and marketing teams can find work samples that best align with the projects they’re pursuing, setting the $1.3 billion-plus business up for even greater success as it continues to scale.

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