From the CEO: Connecting with Professional Arts & Culture Fanatics at the Tessitura Conference

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We’re headed to TLCC to explore opportunities to serve the arts & culture community.

It’s like drama camp for adults who live and breathe arts & culture.

Seriously, they’ve even got their own band: The Tessiturians.

There’s nothing better than being surrounded by such passionate professionals who are always brainstorming fresh, new ways to serve their patrons. It’s what we love, too.

Along with celebrating industry wins, TLCC is a time for camaraderie — late-night trips to White Castle and attending engaging sessions like “What is a customer roadmap?” or “It’s just a promo code, right?”

Some of our partners who will be there include the Country Music Hall of Fame, with whom we adapt online exhibits like the award-winning Night Train to Nashville; the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, whose data we’ve kept updated with the latest Google Analytics change; and New Victory Theater, whose site we’ve made more inclusive through custom browsing for sensory-friendly shows.

The Tessitura community is made up of groups that are always looking for ways to serve their patrons better, sharing success stories and strategies to improve their visitors’ experiences. Our mission is to be a trusted confidant, always keeping a finger on the pulse of your organization to anticipate needs.

Are you headed to TLCC, too? We’d love to see you! Find Phillip Barnhard, Hannah Cantrell, and me at Table 6 in the Sponsor Zone on Level 2. (You can also schedule a time to visit by filling out the contact form on our conference page.)

If you’ve attended TLCC before, you’ve probably met Barnhard (“the other Phillip”), but might I suggest asking him to do a little jig? We’d hate for him to hide his talent away.

Hannah and the Phillips: Not in the Tessiturians, but a great trio nonetheless.

For many of you, it’ll be the first time meeting Hannah — at least in person — since she joined us at the beginning of the year! If you need an ice-breaker, just ask for her favorite Bolognese recipe.

And if you’re not going to TLCC — or if Tessitura is not on your radar — please don’t hesitate to reach out. We always want to connect, and we’d love to hear how we can serve you better!

Phillip Blackmon is co-founder and CEO of Lifeblue. Sign up here to get his insights in your inbox. Follow Lifeblue on FacebookLinkedIn and Instagram.

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