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Helping Investors Understand How Their Wealth is Being Managed

When the pandemic shook up the markets, clients of CD Wealth Management understandably had many questions about their investments.

As a top-rated group of wealth managers who already valued transparency, the CD Wealth team doubled down on communication.

They increased the frequency of their newsletter to once a week, proactively sharing sophisticated market knowledge in a digestible way, but their authoritative content lived only in their clients’ inboxes.

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Building Out a Library of Content That Showcases Expertise and Knowledge

We collaborate with the CD Wealth team to craft the client newsletter so that it offers a glimpse into what decisions they’re making and why — along with pieces that educate clients on trending topics, like the rise of cryptocurrency, recent banking turmoil, and investing in an election year.

By adapting the newsletter into online articles, our team helped CD Wealth build out a bank of content that showcases the company’s philosophy on wealth management and gives prospective clients helpful research material. (Do you know what the wash-sale rule is? Tons of Google users do.)

Along with populating the website as “Market Insights & Connections” — bolstering organic SEO for the firm — the pieces also help feed CD Wealth’s LinkedIn presence, as well as that of Founder and CEO Scott Cohen.

“Lifeblue is totally aligned with our mission to deliver best-in-class service, and their content expertise shows on every page of our website, on our social media channels and in our client newsletters. They’ve impacted our business beyond just the words we publish.”
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Scott Cohen
CD Wealth Management Founder and CEO


Exceptional Client Communication that Complements White Glove Service

By extending the life cycle of their content, we help CD Wealth Management create more of what they value — exceptional client service with a premier experience.

The strong collection of well-performing content continues to be relevant — serving not only existing clients but also potential clients who are researching firms before committing to one.

CD Wealth’s attention to detail and commitment to transparency helped push the company above the $1 billion threshold in assets under management late in 2023. Their performance and their commitment to frequent communication are the foundation for the company’s excellence in client retention — and we are honored to support their efforts every day.

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