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Museum Visitors Missing Out on Special Exhibits and 3D Films

At every turn, visitors at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science can immerse themselves in discoveries about our world. Along with the primary exhibit, spanning five levels, visitors also can venture through special exhibits and 3D films. Without these offerings clearly bundled online, visitors could lose precious time during their day at the campus waiting in a line — or miss out on them all together.

Screenshots of museum visit bundles shown on the Perot Museum website, both on a monitor and on a phone.


A Tool That Builds Itineraries for Attractions and Events

Our ticketing platform packages top admission options, starting with the Total Experience — which includes General Admission, the traveling exhibition and one of the 3D films available — down to smaller packages and each option presented à la carte. Each includes price breakdowns for members and non-members, allowing patrons to easily compare. Then, visitors choose entry times for each of their selections, creating an ideal itinerary for their day.

“A big part of the web is not making too many decisions at once. It can feel overwhelming — and that’s how people don’t convert. So, we’re addressing that and quickly serving users what they want.”
J.D. Busch
Lifeblue producer
Screenshot of a purchased ticket bundle at the Perot Museum.


A More Fulfilling Experience — With Fewer Missed Opportunities

Rather than waiting in (and contributing to) longer lines, visitors can enjoy their ideal day of museum exploration from their first step inside. Along with racing a T. rex, challenging friends in robot competitions, and experiencing a simulated earthquake, they can take advantage of special exhibits — like The Science Behind Pixar — and 3D films — like Dinosaurs Of Antarctica — that are only available for a limited time.

This helps the Perot fulfill its vision of being “an extraordinary resource and catalyst for science learning through innovative, highly accessible experiences that broaden understanding of our world and improve community achievement.”

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