We’re Thrilled to Be at TLCC 2021. Here’s What’s on Our Radar.

Tessitura Conference 2021

Are You Ready for the Tessitura Conference?

Tessitura’s annual conference is always a high point around here, but this year it’s even more so. In what’s been a tough year and a half for arts and culture organizations, we’re not only proud to see the resilience and innovation that’s come out of the space, but we’re also honored to be able to contribute among industry leaders.

In addition to being attendees, we’ll be hosting an Open Space forum on strategies to turn patrons into subscribers. We’re eagerly looking forward to the conversation, and we’re also equally excited to listen and soak up as much as we can from those in the space.

Here are a few sessions we’re especially looking forward to:

Gathering 1st Party Data

Hosted by LeeAnn Day Douglas, David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts

We love that this is a topic of conversation. Not only is it top of mind for those of us in digital marketing, as Google phases out third party cookies and data privacy concerns take center stage, but it’s also a crucial strategy for long-term sustainability. The increasing prevalence of data as currency for funding is also a topic that both intrigues us and concerns us at the same time. Audience data is some of the most valuable information that arts and culture organizations have. The key is knowing how to use it.  

Creating Post-Show Surveys

Hosted by Sam Gooley, Groundlings Theatre and School

On the subject of first-person data, the Open Space discussion “Creating Post-Show Surveys” is another that’s high on our list. Audience data is gold, but knowing how to obtain that data AND interpret it is a true art. At a time when so much is still up in the air, knowing what resonates with audiences can be the deciding factor on if they return, renew their membership, or spread good words or bad.

Building Value through Message and Engagement to Retain and Increase Individual Donors

Hosted by Mercedes Brown and Imani Thomas, Dallas Theater Center; Rebecca Herberson, Tessitura

If there’s one thing we’re passionate about in the arts and culture space, it’s increasing member engagement through user-dictated experiences. We’ve been saying it for years: the user dictates in the digital space. In spite of a pandemic, the Dallas Theater Center deepened its engagement with individual donors through savvy storytelling and spot-on campaigns. We’re eager to hear more and learn from such a respected institution in our community.

Are You Managing Change, or Is Change Managing You?

Hosted by Ashleigh Davidson and Oonagh O’Reilly , Waterfront Hall and Ulster Hall; Erin Lively Koppel, Tessitura

This session has all the makings to be one of the most inspiring at the TLCC conference. Waterfront Hall and Ulster Hall were hit hard by the pandemic. Not only were they combatting lockdowns and loss of revenue, they also lost their leadership in the process. Nevertheless, the remaining team fought through the disruption to innovate and rethink their business, much like one of our client partners. We can’t wait to hear how they did it.


Lifeblue is proud to be a Bronze sponsor at TLCC 2021. Starting August 2, stop by our virtual booth and check out TurnStyle® in the Products and Services Showcase.

Additionally, we’ll be hosting an Open Space discussion on “Turning Patrons into Subscribers” on Thursday, August 5 at 10:45am. We’d love to have your input! Reach out to kate@lifeblue.com.

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