From the CEO: What’s Better Than a Pair of Air Jordans?

A pair of those sweet, red-white-and-black original Air Jordans on Michael's feet from back in the day.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be like Mike. Actually, I wanted to *be* Mike.

Michael Jordan captured all of my attention, from the way he moved on the court to the way he chewed his gum — to the original Air Jordans that revolutionized the way marketing is done.
That was a long time ago. Times have changed.
Long before we started ordering a la carte food for personal delivery during the pandemic, technology guided us toward personalization and customization in every facet of life. That even includes basketball shoes.

(BTW, what do you think of these customized “Air Lifeblues”?)

You’re a consumer yourself, so none of this is news to you. But as someone who depends on consumers, ask yourself: Are you doing enough to help your customers build their own experiences?

If sales are lagging, it’s easy to blame the pandemic — but have you done enough to help your customers individualize your products or services? If you run a venue that is reopening soon, how will you offer your visitors the same range of choices — and the same sense of control — that they have on their couch when they watch Netflix?

Whatever industry you’re in, you should be in the business of flexibility.

At Lifeblue, we’ve built our business on the idea of customer-first strategy and design, and now we’re offering flexibility as a product.

For example, take TurnStyle® — a SaaS ticketing platform that empowers sports teams, museums and member-driven organizations to let their customers build their own experiences with any combination of benefits, perks and discounts they choose. Customers can create their own plans with just a couple of clicks, rather than having to pick up the phone and haggle with an army of salespeople. It’s a flexible platform, built for businesses to offer flexible options, so their customers can spend their time and money on their own terms.

The democratization of the internet has become the democratization of customer experience. And the digital revolution for businesses in 2020 really was just an acceleration of a movement that started long before, one that moved the focus from “being like Mike” to being unique, being like no one else.

So: Are you ready to get in the game?

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