Rise Against Hunger

Bringing a Global Brand's Regional Nonprofits to the Same Table


Aligning Operations Around the World — Without Micromanaging

By mobilizing volunteer meal-packing events, Rise Against Hunger works to provide life-changing aid in communities worldwide. A growing number of region-specific Rise Against Hunger groups operate semi-independently of the global headquarters.

This dispersed operational structure made brand alignment challenging, particularly when each group oversaw and maintained its own web presence — a heavy lift for nonprofits.

A desktop shows "Stories from the field" featuring a woman gardening with the headline "An Urban Farm Serves as a Vital Source of Produce..." with a smartphone showing the Rise Against Hunger India site with stats about impact.


Individual Sites that Sync to Global HQ

To enhance flexibility while streamlining the brand, we built each regional site on the same database as riseagainsthunger.org, the organization’s primary site that serves as its global headquarters.

Staff members can easily create regional sites, like Rise Against Hunger India and Rise Against Hunger Philippines. And because we chose to leverage local servers, the sites load as quickly as possible for users.

We also overhauled the search functionality to return relevant content only. Plus, if a search yields no results, instead of hitting a dead-end, we surface other stories people might be interested in.

“Given Rise Against Hunger’s footprint as a global brand, we wanted to offer their team an easy way to manage a growing number of regional sites. Together, we developed a solution that allows them to maintain a unified look, while enabling each regional site to operate individually, so they can best serve the unique needs of their donors.”
Justin Twerdy
Lifeblue Producer


A More Efficient Use of Resources and a Unified Brand

Because of how we structured the websites, staff at Rise Against Hunger’s global headquarters can extend website support to their regional nonprofits around the world — freeing up other resources to go towards their mission of ending hunger.

There are also automatic updates, including blog posts that populate across relevant sites.

Yet, we’ve given the affiliate sites autonomy — within the brand guidelines — to add specific plug-ins, like donation processors, that best serve their local audience.

By raising donations and driving meal-packing events, these updates contributed to Rise Against Hunger’s incredible role in distributing more than 78 million meals worldwide in 2023.

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