Summer Forecast: Sunny, with a 100% Chance of Disruption

Blue fireworks in the night sky.

New cases of COVID-19 are down, and travel numbers are way up. Stadiums are opening back up at full capacity. Museums and concert halls are bringing people back, too.
We’ve learned there is no replacement for some in-person events and experiences, but we’ve also made some changes that will stick with us long after the pandemic. Our ability to work remotely with efficiency and intentionality, for example, has changed the way we do business.
So now that our commutes are longer and our parking lots are filling up faster, it’s worth asking if you are ready for what comes next. More specifically: You’ve undergone a digital transformation since the pandemic began. Has the rest of your business kept up?
After more than a year in quarantine, with comfort food a click away and entertainment on demand, customers expect more personal attention and more specialized options that meet their tastes.
As I discussed with our partners from the Detroit Pistons and Columbus Crew SC at the National Sports Forum’s Virtual Spring Summit, companies like Netflix, Uber and Amazon have forever changed the game for all of us, and success is tied to user experience.

We live to tackle challenges like this, and we can’t wait to help you adapt to serve your customers’ changing expectations, too. Tell us: How can we help you move Forward Faster?


P.S. We’re excited to share a couple of projects we recently launched. Congratulations to our partners at Happy State Bank on the launch of the new website, which amplifies the brand’s amazing story of community service and growth. And congratulations as well to our partners at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, who are using the latest developments in our TurnStyle product to reimagine the ticketing and membership experience.

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