Our Site for Perennials Fabrics and Rugs Brings an Elegant Showroom to Life Online

A hand on top of fabric.

How do you build a website that captures the elegance – and the possibilities – of a luxury designer whose craft is limited only by the imagination?

We faced that challenge building a new site for Perennials Fabrics and Rugs. We hoped to deliver an online experience that guides shoppers through the design process; just like they’d encounter in a showroom, but utility couldn’t come at the expense of beauty.

Image of the Perennials website.

Our desire was to shine a light on the best-in-class craftsmanship and the one-of-a-kind performance of Perennials’ 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabrics and rugs. But the heart of the project also was about reflecting the personality behind the brand.

The Perennials Brand

When you work with Perennials, you find a smile in every trip to the showroom, every soft touch of a custom fabric, every bit of whimsy that sets their work apart from its competitors. We took it as our challenge to bring that smile to life online as well.

We started with a modern design featuring big photos and pops of handwritten type for a personal touch. Then, we focused on building out the functionality to let users easily filter collections by color, abrasion rating and texture; information that Perennials’ experts would readily provide in person.

Because we also knew the value of seeing Perennials’ story come to life, we created a series of videos in connection with the launch. The video highlights the unique personality and the inimitable performance of the brand.

Website Functionality

And while the site is quite pretty, it also is quite functional for Perennials’ best customers. Designers can create project boards to organize their wish lists and quotes in one place.

“As an organization, we pride ourselves on saving the world from bad design. We’re honored to work with Perennials, who revolutionized their industry more than two decades ago,” said Phillip Blackmon, Lifeblue co-founder and Chief Experience Officer. “We wanted the new site to serve as their digital showroom. In doing so, we drove integration, optimizing the way Perennials operates. For the first time, they can manage everything in one place – providing a faster, seamless experience for their own use and that of customers.

“We believe this site is the next step in Perennials’ evolution, harkening back to their origins while propelling them forward.”

We hope you’ll take a look around perennialsfabrics.com to see for yourself.

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