From the CEO: What Is the Value of Your Time?

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By now, we’ve all been confused by what day it is — or even what month it is — at some point this year. The scientific term for what we’ve been experiencing is temporal disintegration, but you could just say you’re feeling “so 2020” and everyone would probably understand.

And even though the pandemic is forcing us to rethink our holiday traditions and family gatherings this year, we are definitely feeling the urge to pause our work and give thanks, right on schedule. 

* We’re grateful for our relationships with our partners and with one another. The trust we share has made it possible for us to adapt — and even lead — through challenging circumstances. 

* We’re grateful to share high expectations and a spirit of innovation with our partners and with one another. Necessity is the mother of invention, after all, and our accountability to one another has kept us moving forward.

* And we are grateful for the time we have been given.

I was speaking with a colleague whose family suffered an unexpected loss in the last few weeks, leaving an empty seat at the Thanksgiving table this year. Under all the grief and amid all the memories was the stark reminder of just how valuable time is. 

We can’t control how much time we have, only how well we use it.

At Lifeblue, we work not only to make our time valuable, but to value our time as well. We give our team members as much flexibility as we can, with no set vacation limits and a results-only work environment that has been critical in our ability to shift to remote work without harming our production — or our culture.

The result, we have found, is that we are doing even more thoughtful work, striving for meaningful results. And because we know the value of time, we use it to show our partners how much we value them as well.

Time is the most valuable gift there is. Thank you for sharing yours with us.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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