From the CEO: What If We Actually Aren’t ‘All in This Together’? 

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For some of us, the pandemic led to closures, furloughs or layoffs. For others, it may have been an opportunity to rest and recharge. Remote work has been a blessing for some and a maddening, excruciating curse for others.

But: What if the way forward for all of us actually does depend on us being “in this together”?

As we watch the horizon for ideas, trends and best practices, we see some industries charging into the future — while others tiptoe toward reopening. We see the need to serve pent-up demand for arts and culture, sports and recreation — but we also see uncertainty around our physical and societal health.

Some businesses take staggered steps forward, then back, then forward again, with varying degrees of success. Almost all of it is happening based on decisions made in silos — or Zoom meetings — with survival as the goal.

At Lifeblue, we believe in the power of collaboration.

We are a collective of people with a wide array of backgrounds, interests and skills — and we recognize the value of bringing multiple perspectives together to face any challenge in front of us. We practice empathy, not just with one another, but in thinking about how audiences interact with the work we do.

As we attack the challenges our partners face today, we recognize that we are standing at a rare moment in history: It’s a time for many to start over, to start writing on a blank page.

We’re here for you, ready to help you tell the next chapter of your story. And whether we’re six feet away — wearing a mask, obviously — or 600 miles away, we are ready to put our team together with your team and get to work on our next big idea. Together.


Meet the new boss: I’ve been with Lifeblue since we opened for business — essentially in my garage, 14 years ago — and today, I’m energized to step into the role of CEO at such a pivotal time. Our goal as a company stays the same: to help you make a social, cultural or economic impact in your world.

When you find yourself needing that kind of help — personally or professionally — I hope you will let me know. My personal cellphone number is 573-424-5880. I can’t wait to talk with you.


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