From the CEO: Celebrating 15 Years of Shaping the Future

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What will the world look like in 15 years?

Silly question, right? We can’t even predict what it will look like in 15 months.

But that doesn’t mean we are powerless. Our business is built on a future focus. We aim to be leaders in innovation, helping our partners develop the digital world for the greater good.

That’s been our focus since we started Lifeblue 15 years ago: How can we help our partners evolve? How can we innovate in meaningful ways? How can we use empathy to improve technology?

When we took our baby steps as a company, we rallied first around building beautiful, intuitive websites — and our rallying cry was to save the world from bad design.

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My, how we have changed over the years.

Our pace has quickened, and our stride has changed so much since then. We still want to save the world, but we never could have predicted how it would look today.

  • We’ve just added our first Chief Marketing Officer to our company’s leadership. Heather Rosenow brings an encyclopedia’s worth of transformative insights gained from experience with agencies and major companies.
  • We’ve launched and grown a SaaS product line, TurnStyle, which revolutionizes how sports franchises and arts and culture organizations foster relationships with their supporters.
  • We’ve committed to growing the next generation of professional talent with the addition of our first Director of People Operations, Carolina Armstrong. Under her direction, we’re focused on fostering an environment that supports every individual’s unique gifts. This year, we’ve celebrated major milestones in our colleagues’ professional lives with initiatives that encourage continuing personal development.

Thank you for being an important part of our journey in these first 15 years. Your work inspires us, and your trust empowers us. We are better because of the partnerships we have built.

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