Notes from the Future, aka Hack Week 2021

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It’s not just a week, it’s a MOOvement.

We pride ourselves on being a mission-driven company, and while we might not be big talkers, we do believe in walking the walk.

Our annual Hack Week with long-time partner Heifer International is when that “walking” goes into overdrive.

For one week each year, we block off our calendars to work side-by-side with the Heifer International team, tackling important projects that require a more intensive focus and collaboration.

During Hack Week, we get to go in-depth with certain ideas, dream big with others, and just get the stuff done that’s been lingering on everyone’s to do list for the past months.

The best part? We all know we’re doing work that goes far beyond our screens to make an impact on lives all over the world.


“This is the chance where we get to hear more, see more and do more.”

Phillip Blackmon, CEO @ Lifeblue


“Hacking the Mainframe” (kidding)

Hacking to the Future

This year’s theme was “Hack to the Future,” a nod to one of our favorite movies in “Back to the Future,” as well as the incessant dad jokes that get thrown around Lifeblue on a daily basis.

But it also has a deeper meaning. One of the main objectives of Hack Week 2021 was to begin work on Heifer International’s 2025 marketing goals, meaning that the work we do today will culminate in something much bigger in a few years time, effectively “hacking to the future.” (Get it?!)

The Official Hack Week 2021 Video

This year we focused on key initiatives that aim to make Heifer International even more donor-centric, as donors play a pivotal role in the organization and the change it makes in the world.

Be on the look out for a new way to fund Signature Programs, where donors can choose specific Heifer International projects that resonate with them, a digital edition of World Ark, Heifer’s regular publication, as well as a new donor program that puts family first and helps educate children on the importance of sustainability and environmental impact.

Team Insight Represent

All Hack and No Fun? NEVER!

Hack Week might be synonymous with marathon work sessions and all-nighters, but it’s also tons of fun. There’s something to be said for bringing two long-time partners together, giving them a tight deadline, and letting them loose. After so many late nights together, antics eventually ensue.


“There are very few inhibitions and it makes for a great environment.”

Annie Bergman, Creative Director @ Heifer International


This year’s festivities were led by our very own Chair of the Party Planning Committee and Senior Web Architect, Scott Foster, who not only devised a 5-day interactive scavenger hunt for the Hack Week 2021 teams, but also surprised us with his musical talents, speculating on the score of an upcoming “Back to the Future” musical.

“Great Scott: The Musical”

Meanwhile, team members from both organizations did their best impressions of Marty McFly and Doc Brown and completed challenges around recycling and sustainable living.


“It’s like Christmas at Lifeblue — It’s really something special.

JD Busch, Lead Interactive Producer @ Lifeblue


All in all, it was an eventful and enriching week and we can’t wait for next year!

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